West VA to Host Cunningham Energy’s New Wells

It’s no secret that the western half of West Virginia has become a gold mine for energy production in recent years. In point of fact, it is better than a gold mine, as unlike the vast majority of gold enterprises throughout history, West Virginia is actually producing. Now, independent energy company Cunningham Energy (http://cunninghamenergynews.com/) is looking to grab a piece of the action.

The energy company is not shooting in the dark. Their chosen location, Kanawha County, is located almost dead center of the lucrative oil belt that stretches north to south across the western half of West Virginia. The announced plans include two new shallow horizontal wells, drilled to a specified measured depth of 6100 to 6800 feet and vertical depths of 2150 feet. Although these wells are quite shallow, the longer length of wellbore exposed to the expected pay zone is hoped to significantly increase yield. Further, a long length of wellbore in the pay zone will result in reduced pressure drop, lower fluid velocities, and a more efficient drainage pattern, all of which should assist in a more efficient recovery.

Cunningham Energy has expressed an extreme confidence in the new constructions and with justification. Although it is not large compared to some of the energy giants that operate in the region, the company has extensive experience in extraction in the Appalachian Basin. With successful operations in Quincy, Illinois; Ashland, Kentucky; as well as Cambridge and Marietta, Ohio, the move into West Virginia is less a roll of the dice and more an expansion of their existing successful extraction strategies.

When announcing the new plans, company president and West Virginia native Ryan Cunningham indicated that in-house drilling data has shown strong potential in the area, and that the full power of shallow horizons has yet to be fully realized. Considering how new the technology is, and how quickly the energy world has been evolving of late, this is a very safe assumption. Mr. Cunningham is confident that his company will be the one to push the current boundaries, and with their extensive regional experience and understanding of new drilling technology, they have a reason for this felicity.

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