Metropolitan Brings New Life to 1 Light Street in Baltimore

There is an exciting new proposal to develop 1 Light Street in Baltimore, Maryland. The property near the Inner Harbor, which is currently a vacant lot used for parking, was once the home of the Southern Hotel until it was demolished in 2000. There has been much discussion through the years about the proper use of the property. This proposal for office space, apartments, and a parking garage offers an excellent use of One Light Street. It is in keeping with the plans to develop the surrounding area.

The plan, offered by Metropolitan Partnership Ltd., a Virginia company, would provide a 33 story building with 340 apartments, along with 10 floors of office space. The apartments and office space would sit atop a parking garage with room for 646 parking spaces. The outside of the parking garage would be a stone facade that would hide the garage. The stone facade height would be about equal to the Thomas Building, which is close to 1 Light Street. That building is owned by the McDonald’s Corp. and houses a restaurant on the ground floor.

There is speculation that the office space would be occupied by M&T Bank whose lease is expiring soon. The bank has indicated that it desires to remain in downtown Baltimore. In any event, this much office space would be appealing to a financial institution.

Metropolitan is currently involved in another project on Light Street. They are converting the old Bank of America building at 10 Light Street into apartments.

The proposal at 1 Light Street was presented to the Urban Design and Architecture Review Panel and also to a zoning board meeting. City leaders want this property developed and are backing Metropolitan’s efforts to bring this project to fruition at 1 Light Street. The owners of the property, Mirecourt Associates and Madison Marquette indicated that this building would be the culmination of 25 years in its attempt to develop 1 Light Street.

This glass apartment and office tower, rising 404 feet, will bring new life to downtown Baltimore as it continues to redevelop its downtown. This is another step for Metropolitan to compliment what it is doing at 10 Light Street.

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