Drilling for Energy; The Benefits of Fracking

These days we seem to hear a lot about the perceived and overstated harm of fracking, but there doesn’t seem to be a lot of attention on the gross amount of serious benefits of the matter. Thanks to the manipulation of celebrity names ignorantly attaching themselves to a band wagon before educating themselves on the actual facts of the industry, there is an astounding amount of misplaced hate shuttling towards a corporation that is being vastly misrepresented and consequently misunderstood. But the truth is, fracking is a genius plan, that is solving a wide variety of America’s problems.

For instance, did you know that since the substantial drop in natural gas prices over the past five years, natural gas is now 80% cheaper in America than anywhere else in the world? Has anyone told you about the awesome truth that by fracking we are able to significantly reduce America’s dependency on oils from foreign soils, and by that we subsequently wind up with a vast amount of money no longer being wasted by sending it to other countries governments? That’s not all, either! By fracking it has been determined that the emissions of greenhouse gasses have been deduced to an outstanding low we have not seen for 20 years. The fracking industry isn’t just making widespread results for government spending and the well-being of our environment either. This industry is also creating jobs and lots of them.

The Oil and Gas Industry is possibly the only one of its kind that is actually hiring on every level. Offering jobs with a realistic pay that cuts well above the minimum wage, the fracking industry is a real Every-Man’s job that can find a position for someone no matter what their background and abilities may be. It’s not just creating jobs that the people can thank fracking for, it’s the fact that sizable amounts of money of the multi-billion varieties are being paid to agrarian communities all around the United States! Thanks to these transfer payments that fracking makes possible, we are all growing as a stronger, more connected society. Fracking is the exact opposite of destructive; it’s creative. Thanks to fracking we have finally found an all-around elegant solution for protecting our environment, reclaiming our independence, healing our economy, and helping our people be able to take care of themselves as well as be a part of something astronomically important.

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